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Ihr zuverlässiger Cloud Partner für AWS und GCP

Wer wir sind

Aus Hamburg und von überall

Seit unserer Gründung im Jahr 2019 sind wir ausschließlich mit GCP und AWS Projekten unterwegs.

Wir sind Spezialisten bei den Themen Architektur, Security, Migration und Lösungsentwicklung.

Auszug unserer Projekte … 2020

WAF Implementation

We have a track record in Azure & AWS WAF deployments for the e-commerce sector in Germany with heterogeneous backends.

With our expertise, we secure your assets and coach operations and development teams to necessary operate with and behind a web application firewall.


Cloud Compliance Solutions

Our expertise in highly regulated industry sectors helps you getting your cloud assets compliant.


We help you implement asset inventory and compliance scanning to get your cloud IT aligned.


Cloud Coaching & Coordination

Teams and decision-makers are often overwhelmed by the technical landscape and all the possibilities.

With our high degree of IT maturity and people skills, we help enterprises with cloud adoption.

Assessment – We evaluate the current situation – with respect and honesty

Plan – Presenting the plan on how we move forward to the decision-makers

Execute: We actively coach and engineer

Cloud Acceleration for AWS

Benefit from our proven blueprints that are tailored to accelerate your new and existing AWS cloud projects.

Allows us to boost your projects and teams to the next level of cost-optimized, secure, fast, and scalable AWS usage.

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+49 159 0170 999 8

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