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AWS Training in CH/Basel – German Speaker

Bootcamp Basel 2020


„Generating ideas work better in a Team“ The same applies with learning – it is more effective in small groups. We will work & learn new technologies, apply them and will help you developing own ideas and solutions throughout the course.


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Register now for the next available training camps. The training itself will be in German and in English from experts with +10 Years in the IT & Cloud Business.



  • Get started with AWS
  • What is CI/CD?
  • Serverless
  • Costs
  • Autoscaling
  • Dos and Donts
  • We build Infrastructure as Code
  • Debugging & Troubleshooting


  • Cloud Security Training (Fun)
  • Find the attacker

Understand & Monitor

Oversee the Cloud Infrastructure with Cloud Watch Dashboards, Alerts and Logs.

Cloud Automation

In our training you will learn AWS native automation tools and use-cases to develop smart and reliable Cloud Solutions.

Cloud Security

AWS offers security services that are easy to configure and integrate into custom solutions. We will learn how to set up security from the beginning.

Build Quality

We focus in quality and simplicity when teaching & coaching. Only solutions who are easy to understand have less bugs and are maintainable under pressure.

Learn from existing solutions

In our training we will examine also already build solutions, in addition to building from scratch

AWS Troubleshooting

In the training we will create issues, that have to be discovered and resolved. This is the best way to learn.

Debug AWS

AWS Offers services like Cloud Watch to read logs and understand issues in cloud Infrastructure.

Scaling from 0 to 99

Understand different compute types and learn how to implement automatic scaling of cloud ressources

Build & Run

You will build Infrastructure as code and deploy it to the cloud. On top you will learn how to implement change management.

Hands on Training

You will learn from experts all the tricks and tipps needed to get to the next stage of your Cloud career!

We have a 100% money backĀ guarantee policy.