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Early detecting breaches in your IT infrastructure

Security in complex IT workloads is a challenge

Enterprises bareley can keep up with customer demand for latest technology. Timelines are tight and security is neglected

Targeted attacks are increasing

Back in the days hackers were attacking random targets, this is now over.

Hackers are smart

Hackers have not one tool, they have multiple tools and they build thier own too.


At the minute 0, when an attacker is inside your IT environment, we get to know – not the week after – immediately


Our ZEROWiRE break in detection system is placed in critical spots inside an the IT enterprise.


We implement security concepts based on your individual IT infrastructure for cloud and on premise.


Finding the unexpected, but how?

Breaches happen every day in most enterprises.

How do we get to know before the press tells us?

Tooling & Consulting


ZEROWIRE is a trip wire solution where various precious looking assets are deployed and managed


ZEROWIRE is detecting breaches when they happenĀ 

Every sensor alerts you immediately. Minimal zero false positives.


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